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What is the Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Network (BYP)?

When it comes to finance, buy here pay here trucks can be great. These dealers all share the same two characteristics. They do not require credit scores from customers in order to establish eligibility. They do this by directly financing their customers, without requiring third-party financiers to fund the loan.

However, each dealership may have different loan criteria as they are independently owned and operated. If a client does not meet the criteria for one dealer, they may assume all locations will be the same. Here is when a network shared by all dealerships can come in handy. Customers have more chances of completing the sale at a single dealership by using networks like buy here, pay here. Without these organized networks, both dealers and customers waste money and time trying to find leads.

If there was no network, customers would simply apply online to see what dealerships have to offer. The process is more efficient for customers when a dealer network connects to the online application. A single application form is filled out by the customer and the dealer network connected to the system will then have the opportunity to accept the request. Customers can find out if they qualify for a loan before visiting a car dealer because the dealers have logged in to the system. The online form will filter the data so only those dealers can call the customers back who are able to accept them and provide pre-approved loans.