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How the phone is used in the modern business environment

Over the years, its role has evolved but it still remains an essential tool for modern companies. Although there are many other methods of communication, the telephone is the most reliable and provides a guaranteed response. On Serge Robichaud Moncton you can learn more.

Which way would you contact emergency services, for example?

A telephone connection allows for a quick response. Mobile phones are carried by everyone at all times, even if they may be out of their office. It is not all positive with the mobile telephone. You may find that you are in an area where there is no service or you call a mobile number and get no answer.

Call my office for any urgent queries at …”.

It is vital to be able to effectively use your telephone if it’s going to prevent you from losing customers. You may lose a sale if you cannot tell your customers if a certain product has a particular feature. When a customer calls you with a concern about your product, and cannot get an answer back from you or your customer service team, then you may not be able to expect them to return.

Customers expect an instant response when they call you, no matter what the reason. The call must be handled efficiently. In order to accomplish this, there are several problems you must overcome. To begin with, it is important to be aware of who is calling you so that all pertinent information can be obtained about them. The CallerID may tell you who is calling, but it does not reveal the reason for their call.

The caller must be answered quickly. Find out exactly what they want from you. Statistically, however, over 70% of callers cannot be helped at first and require a hold time of more than 45 second before connecting (Source Network Magazine December 2006.) This means that it is likely you will need to hold them while someone can help. The caller will most likely hang up if the phone is left in silence for more than 45 seconds.