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Mushrooms, Immunity

There is no secret about the fact that certain foods are good for different systems in the body. We are what we eat. Mushrooms are a great way to boost your immune system. Read more now on Soulcybin

Different mushrooms have different medicinal qualities. Although it has been predicted that all mushrooms will have powerful immune-boosting properties, only some mushrooms have had their potency, properties and potential evaluated. Over 200 mushroom species have medicinal properties that are known to be beneficial, especially immune-enhancing properties. Many cultures around the world use mushrooms for this purpose. In the United States, mushrooms are not as popular for their immune-enhancing properties.

Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi are the most popular medicinal mushrooms that have immune-enhancing properties. These three mushroom species are able to kill bacteria within the human body by nature’s design. The Brazilian Agaricus blazei mushroom is also well-known for its ability kill bacteria and viruses in the body. Recent research claims that certain species of mushrooms can prevent the proliferation of viruses in the body if consumed regularly.

Mushrooms play a vital role in our diet, just as they do in the ecosystems that they support. Their secretion creates a recycling bin in nature. New theories suggest that the digestive enzymes found in mushrooms can actually boost immunity when consumed by humans. Fresh mushrooms would have about three times the immune-enhancing power as cooked or other prepared mushrooms.

Antimicrobial substances are among the natural substances that can help ward off illness. These antimicrobial substances are used by the mushroom in its natural environment to protect it from bacteria, viruses or microorganisms. These substances are carried into the digestive tract and have the same effects on the human body when consumed. This information is important in a society that relies on too many antibiotics and other potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals to fight illness when the immune system fails.

Regular consumption of mushrooms can enhance other systems as well. The immune system is greatly benefited by mushrooms, but they can also be beneficial to the endocrine or adrenal systems.

Since ancient times, adaptogens (natural tonics in botanicals) are used all over the world to promote good health and longevity. In the United States, botanicals like mushrooms are only just becoming popular. It is possible that the use of mushrooms for health could lead to a reduction in medical costs, especially during cold and flu season.